Kalpowar Quarter Horses

Kalpowar Quarter Horses Sponsorships

Through the years Kalpowar Quarter Horses has been a major sponsor of the NRCHA, the SRCHA and the NSHA as well as other cow horse associations. Sponsors help cover many of the costs of putting on a show and also provide a significant portion of the added money and awards for all the reined cow horse events. We know that the support of our sponsors, both small and large, makes a significant contribution to the size and number of reined cow horse shows throughout the industry.

Kalpowar Quarter Horses is currently a major sponsor of the NRCHA World’s Greatest Horseman, saddle sponsor for the NRCHA Amateur Futurity Champion, the SRCHA Pre Futurity and the NSHA Pre Futurity.

Kalpowar Quarter Horses through the years has been a major sponsor for the NRCHA and it’s affiliates. Kalpowar was the named sponsor of the SRCHA Kalpowar Futurity from 2002-2012 and is currently a sponsor for the SRCHA Pre Futurity. Kalpowar was the inaugural named sponsor of the NRCHA World Show in 2004, 2005 and 2006. We became an NRCHA Breeder Sponsor in 2006 and have been an event sponsor for the NRCHA’s World’s Greatest Horseman since 2014. Kalpowar has been a regular sponsor of the National Stock Horse Association since 2012.

We encourage all our cow horse friends and associates to become sponsors of the NRCHA and/or your local affiliate. The more we can give as sponsors of our time and treasure to support the cow horse industry will make a significant difference in helping our various organizations attract more participation and attention. The cow horse family truly puts on the “greatest show on dirt”.

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